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Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network

We empower people and families who are destitute, homeless or have No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF), from refugee, asylum seeker and migrant communities. LRMN advocates for people’s rights, campaigns for wider change, meets their basic needs and helps them … Read More


Migrateful runs cookery classes led by migrant chefs who are struggling to integrate and access employment, due to legal and linguistic barriers. Our mission is to empower and celebrate our chefs on their journey to employment and independence.

Displaced People in Action

Displaced People in Action is a refugee and asylum seeker charity. We have run employment schemes in the past and run the Wales Asylum Seeker and Refugee Doctors’ Group.


We educate refugee & asylum seeking health care professionals so they may practice in a professional capacity in the UK as doctors, nurses, pharmacists or other AHPs. We are the only UK based programme currently to offer inhouse clinical English … Read More

Globally Onward

Globally Onward is setup to break the employment barriers for highly skilled immigrants and refugees and integrate them into the professional workforce. The second part of our mission is to encourage businesses to value diversity and inclusion, and we aim … Read More


ACH offers integration support for refugee and migrant communities on the ground in the West Midlands and West of England. We engage more widely in research, consultancy and policy development.

Bath Welcomes Refugees

Bath Welcomes Refugees (BWR) has one simple aim: to bring to safety and security in the UK those people persecuted and in danger in their own countries and homelands, and in particular to help them settle in Bath or the … Read More

UK Welcomes Refugees

We support and enable community led resettlement either via Community Sponsorship or using blended models. We work to enable “Good Resettlement”, which includes campaigning for family reunion, asylum seekers right to work, and better access to education and employment training.”

Little Village

Little Village is like a food bank, but for clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of 5. We accept donations of excellent-condition, pre-loved items, which are passed on to families who need support. The … Read More

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