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What is the OpenLearn Platform?

The OpenLearn platform is hosted by the Open University and contains over 1,000 courses that are free to access and are on-demand. There are currently 13,000 hours of content available across all disciplines.

You may wish to utilise these resources for variety of reasons including language development, informing on future career and study options or for personal development. All content is self-guided, time commitments and difficultly level are stated too.

There are also a number of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses available on the OpenLearn platform, these can be found under the languages section of the platform.

What content is available?

The OpenLearn platform contains the below subjects. Individual courses state the required time to complete the course and the level the course is designed to, such as introductory, intermediate, or advanced. There is no set order for completion.

  • Health, Sport and Psychology
  • Education and Development
  • History and The Arts
  • Languages
  • Money and Business
  • Nature and the Environment
  • Science, Maths and Technology
  • Society, Politics and Law

Do these give me a qualification?

Unfortunately, the courses do not lead to a formal qualification. These courses are real examples of learning that the Open University does offer. The Open University does offer a scholarship programme for refugees for full undergraduate degrees and fully paid courses, please see the Sanctuary Scholarship site for more details and the latest application cycle.

The OpenLearn platform does however offer badged courses which will evidenced on your profile and can be linked through to a LinkedIn profile or similar e-portfolio platform or shared on social media. Currently there are 76 badged courses on offer across a variety of skill sets, with each one clearly marked with the difficulty level [1 to 3] and the time commitment required. These are all online courses and can be conducted on demand.

Published 22-07-22 (version 1.0)

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