Refugee Week 2022 Events Calendar

This year’s Refugee Week (20th – 26th June) promises a week of insightful events celebrating the contributions and resilience of refugees and their communities. Coordinated by Counterpoints Arts, the theme for this year's Refugee Week will be "Healing".

Refugee Week began in 1998 as a UK-wide festival, combining food, culture, art and educational events, to platform the creativity of members of displaced communities. The series aims to recognise the different backgrounds that refugees may come from and provides an opportunity to connect with their cultures and engage with questions around why people become displaced and the various challenges they face as a result.

There are more than 500 events across the UK this week. REN has curated a shortlist of events to look out for, including some held by our member organisations. Please read through the events listed below and follow the links for more information on Refugee Week 2022.


REN's Curated Refugee Week Event List

Monday 20th June


Tuesday 21st June


Wednesday 22nd June


Thursday 23rd June


Friday 24th June


Saturday 25th June


All week


The following week


For more information on Refugee Week 2022, or to view other events throughout the week please visit their website.