The Positive Impact for Employers of Hiring Refugees

The Positive Impact for Employers of Hiring Refugees

Hiring refugees has significant benefits within the workplace for the wider business and employee network. We’ve included some of the key benefits below if you would like to learn more about how hiring refugees could help your company:


  1. Workforce Diversification  

Hiring refugees allows you to diversify your workforce, improving innovation and growth. Refugees improve the cultural diversity of your workforce and provide important alternative perspectives. As refugees often speak multiple languages, they are an asset in growing your business into international markets.

2. Skilled and Qualified Candidates 

Refugees have diverse skillsets they may have developed in their home country. This may help you fill talent gaps in your company and address skill shortages. Refugees are often highly skilled and qualified but face barriers to employment in the UK.

3. High Retention Rates  

Refugees have high retention rates, often taking employment with long term careers in mind. This helps reduce fast turnover in your business. A report by the Tent Partnership for Refugees found most employers noticed higher retention rates and many saw overall company improvement.

4. Employee Engagement  

Often non-refugee staff will want to work for companies that have strong outreach and ethical reputations. Therefore, having an active process for hiring refugees will help improve the reputation of your company amongst other job seekers. Hiring refugees also helps to foster a more inclusive work environment by integrating them into the host community.


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