Volunteering is a Work of Heart – thank you EY volunteers!

The success of our November’s Jobs Fair event was only possible because of the hard work and dedication of EY and its over 50 volunteers and language interpreters. We are thankful for the countless hours, positive energy and compassion that went into this event and its resulting success is a testament to the fantastic people we have supporting us, our refugees, and our communities.

We know volunteering can be very meaningful and enjoyable and can give individuals a sense of achievement and purpose. Please find below a few statements from the EY volunteers about the volunteering experience:

  • “It was an incredible experience, and I felt humbled to see how generous and kind everyone was in giving back to others.” – Ali
  • “Such fulfilling work impacting so many lives at such a crucial time for refugees due to recent events. I got to meet and collaborate with so many people across the business with the same passion!” – Tharaka
  • “The highlight of my EY career so far! A brilliant opportunity to work with wonderful people, who really went above and beyond to make this event a success and give back to the community.” – Carmen
  • “The most rewarding part of being at EY, a testament to the global talent we have across the service lines.” – Andrew
  • “This is what it means to build a better working world, bringing my whole self to work and living my purpose!” – Caroline

We would like to thank EY and all the volunteers involved in the event for their enormous support.